Heading North Once More

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 28 Jul 2008 18:00
28 July 2008 20:05
Position: About 15 miles northwest of Sismiut
Course: Drifting
Wind: Calm
Weather: Sunny, no fog (yet)

After looking at the weather, that which tends to rule a sailor's life, I
decided to stay another day in Sisimiut. Later in the day I climbed a hill
overlooking the ocean and was not disappointed in my decision, while the
warmth of the sun was upon my shoulders and a light breeze upon my cheek,
out there just past the headland was a thick bank of fog, and from what I
could work out the wind was fresh from the north. The fog bank looked
beautiful from where I was above it, gleaming white in the sunshine, but
inside of it, it would have been cold and dank. I continued on my quest for
that beer. I found what looked to be a nice quiet pub, a bit too dimly lit
and not a soul inside but at least quiet, the barwoman followed me in, she
was having a smoko outside. NO beer on tap so I had to be satisfied with a
stubby. I sat down in a spot of sunshine by a stained glass window and
pulled out my book for a quiet read, I find this a nice way to relax over a
cold beer ... when on goes the music - loud. Oh bother! That was not what
I had in mind. I tried to communicate through various gesticulations to the
barwoman, for she understood not a word of English, to turn it down but she
just smiled at me, presumably thinking this is what I wanted. I decided to
make the most of it and returned to my beer and my book. I was half way
through my beer and only a few pages into my book when the barwoman comes
over to me and by various means makes me understand that it is closing time.
This beer is getting to be a mission.
This morning I awoke to the heavy clump of feet on deck, I guessed my
neighbours were leaving, so I leapt out of my bunk to give them a fare thee
well. Then followed breakfast after which I thought it time for me to try
and head further north, so we let go all lines and headed over to the fuel
dock, topped up with fuel and by 9.30 a.m. were motoring out the fishing
harbour entrance into - a dead calm. Oh well, no fog at least, not
immediately around here anyway, though I can see some further out to sea and
south of here. A little breeze came in for about an hour, perfect timing so
I could stop motoring and have a little lunch, but now it has died again and
left us drifting. Loath to start up the motor again I have found a few
chores to do to keep myself occupied and will wait a little longer yet. If
nothing comes soon I will head for what looks to be an interesting anchorage
about ten miles north of here and there wait for a bit of wind. My
prospects for getting to Disko Bay and seeing one of the world's greatest
sights are not looking so good.
As I type, I can see the flag giving a little flutter, there is puff of wind
and it is from the south, time to get the drifter up. See you tomorrow.

Bob Cat:

Work, work, work, work, work, work!