Another Low

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 15 Aug 2008 16:35
Noon Position: 50 11.5 N 052 20.6 W

Course: South 6 knots

Wind: East, fresh breeze

Weather: Overcast, light rain

Day's Run: 91 miles

Last night was a bit of a repeat performance of the night before, but worse - no wind, lumpy seas, the boat rolling, pitching, and slamming in the lumpy left over swell; a loud, noisy, sleepless night. But I eventually got some sleep, wrapped up tightly in the bunk's lee cloth, waiting either for some wind to pick up or the swell to die off. At six this morning we at last got sufficient breeze to keep the boat stable against the sloppy well. During the forenoon the wind gradually strengthened and we were soon punching into a moderate southeasterly, with waves leaping over the bows.

Another low pressure system is moving through, the barometer having climbed last night is now on its way back down, already down to 1005 mb from 1016 last night. The wind is forecast to back into the northwest later today and tomorrow a strong southerly is brewing. My goal is to be out of harm's way tucked away alongside somewhere before the southerly meets us. Yesterday I was thinking I had an extra day in hand but it seems not. Consequently I am making for Cape Freel, about midway along the northeast coast of Newfoundland, or thereabouts. From there we will parallel the coast until it becomes obvious that we need to make for port. If we make it as far as St Johns that will be a bonus, but I think that unlikely.

It's time to go and put another reef in.

Back again, now we are under double reefed main, about 30% jib poled out to port, running wing on wing before what is now a nor'easterly.

Bob Cat:

Are we there yet? Hmmph, sure has been bumpy lately! Where's the skipper? Oh well, for now I will just stay curled up under this sea rug and continue my work out. Zzzzzzzz.

(All is well.)