Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 26 Jan 2010 21:27
Position: At anchor off San Julian
Wind: West, F6 strong breeze
Weather: Overcast, mild

It sure is windy in this part of the word. Since my arrival in San Julian
the only break we have had in the wind was this morning when I took the
opportunity to row over to visit the crew of the Jenny which had dropped
anchor next to me only a few moments before. It was god to see their happy
weary faces. I had spoken to them on the VHF radio the previous night and
they were experiencing 50 plus knot winds outside the harbour entrance and
had had a long night staying safe. I enjoyed a good chin wag with them but
as the euphoria of their safe arrival wore off and the fatigue caught up I
found myself alone in their saloon while all else had politely made their
apologies and gone to bed. But in the short time I had been on board Jenny
the wind had sprung back up and I found myself stuck. I settled in, read a
book and even had a little snooze myself. Every now and then I would pop my
head out their companion way and cast an anxious glance towards Sylph to
make sure she was still there. Maybe an hour ar so later a large inflatable
launch came past to see if we were all OK, which was nice, and I took the
opportunity to get a lift back to Sylph. Coincidentally there were a couple
of Australian tourists on board. Happy Australia Day. We said a quick hello
but the conditions did not allow for much of a tete-a-tete as the boat's
driver expertly backed up to Sylph and I leapt across the small gap,
relieved to be back to take care of her should anything go wrong.

I still have not been ashore and with the wind blowing a steady 25 to 30
knots it doesn't seem likely that I will for the rest of today.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Dear Adrian (Jenny crew member),
Apology accepted, please arrange generous offer of a fish dinner soonest.
I thought the public at large might be interested in your big heartedness
and the favorable resolution of the misunderstanding regarding my
appellation, so I have taken the liberty of making this an open letter in
way of reply.
While we Americans have had our differences with you English in the past I
am glad to say that these differences have not crossed species lines and
while I have had my differences with individual humans (not least of all
Skipper Bob - or SB, do with it what you will) and felines they have never
resulted in organized warfare, which seems to be a uniquely human past time.
I have had some equine friends whose ancestors have been pathetically roped into these sufferings but we felines having no useful function to you humans
other than companionship have mostly managed to escape such insanity; indeed we are the perfection of evolution I am tempted to note.
May the resolution of this misunderstanding be an example to others. Please
feel free to visit Sylph any time (but don't forget the fish).

Fond Regards,
(Bob Cat)

PS. Yes, having slept on it, the mutiny is on hold. I am now thinking more
along the lines of perhaps jumping ship. Are you in need of a good SC? (SC:
Ship's Cat. Goodness knows what your over-active sadly repressed English
imagination might make of this one).
Oh, and talking about sleeping on it . . . Zzzzzzz.