Letter to a New Generation

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 23 Jul 2008 21:43
For those interested here is the text of the message I left in the time
capsule on the glacier (the edition of Al Gore's book enclosed in the
capsule was subtitled "For a New Generation":

To A New Generation,
This time capsule was placed on a glacier, Kujallek, in Greenland in
approximate position 65 56' N 051 44' W on 21 July, 2008. It contains a
signed copy of a book written by the former Vice President of the United
States of America (1993-2001), Mr. Al Gore, entitled "An Inconvenient Truth
- The Crisis of Global Warming." The time capsule was placed here by
Australian citizen and sailor, Bob Williams, who sailed here in his 12 meter
sloop, Sylph VI (accompanied by a cat, also named Bob). The voyage was made
possible with the assistance of Mary Adams and Janice Holmes, proprietors of
"The Annapolis Bookstore", Annapolis, Maryland, USA.
If per chance this time capsule survives and is recovered some time in the
future we hope that you, a future generation, are sharing an equal or
greater prosperity then our generation currently enjoys. Our prosperity was
primarily built on fossil fuels and, as the 20th Century closed, it became
apparent to us that this energy source is emitting dangerous levels of green
house gases and our use of it has reached unsustainable levels.
We trust that you are enjoying a prosperity based on a sustainable
technology and that people have learnt to share the world's resources
equitably, with each other and all other beings that have evolved and, we
trust, continue to evolve on our planet.
We further hope that history will have shown that my generation, and those
succeeding, will have done all that could be done for the ultimate benefit
of all life, now and in the future. May our knowledge and wisdom have
sufficiently grown and evolved to enable us to find this path.

Bob Williams Bob Cat