Just Fiddling

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 19 Jan 2011 20:02

Noon Position: 16 16.7 S 114 21.5 W
Course: 270 Speed: 6 Knots
Wind: East F3-4 Gentle to Moderate breeze
Weather: Overcast, warm
Day’s Run: 150 miles

The breeze has been steady overnight, we have remained under full sail, the ride has been easy and we have put in a good day's run. The calibration of the rotator continues and is proving a little more fiddly than I expected. I tweak the fins a tiny bit and it changes the rotation speed significantly, and the other concern I have is whether the relationship between distance travelled and the number of rotations of my home made rotator remains linear independent of speed (is there a simpler way of saying this, I am sure there is?) Anyway it gives me something to mess about with.

Line squall, the wind has just picked up and backed into the north-east: reef and gybe.

All is well.