Some Miles

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 17 Mar 2013 03:59
Noon Position: 37 41.6 S 139 58.3 E
Course: North nor' west Speed: 6 knots
Wind: South sou' west, F3 gentle breeze
Seas: slight Swell: South west, 3 meters
Weather: overcast
Day's run: 140 nm

At last we have had some wind, though a little bit more than I would have ideally liked, and we have managed to get some miles behind us. Overnight I reduced down to three reefs in the mainsail and just the staysail, and still we were doing over six knots. Fortunately the wind had sufficient south in it that we were able to easy sheets and not punch into the steep seas and swell, but it was still a spray drenched ride.

Now that we have made it around Cape Northumberland back into South Australian waters we have the wind behind us and are once more sailing with my favourite set, running wing on wing. There could be just a little more wind though, about four or five knots more would be perfect. (There is no pleasing some people!)
All is well.