At Anchor River Tay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 25 Jul 2009 15:33
Position: 56 27.25 N 002 53.21 W
At anchor River Tay
Wind: Southwest, fresh
Weather: Sunny and warm

We have at last found somewhere to stop after leaving the Caledonian Canal
two days ago. We were disappointed when we attempted to anchor yesterday in
Peterhead to be told by the harbour master over the radio that the area we
were trying to anchor in was in the process of being reclaimed, i.e, being
turned into a bit of dirt instead of a piece of water. I tried to explain
that it was marked in my cruising guide book as an anchorage area but the
voice on the other end did not seem at all sympathetic, indeed it bordered
on the hysterical. I considered going to the marina for a moment but with a
view to conserving the cruising kitty after being hammered by canal transit
fees, I dismissed the idea and decided to continue south until we found a
suitable place in which we could safely anchor.

Despite some passing showers we all enjoyed the extra night at sea rather
than lying to anchor in a big industrial harbour where we felt unwelcome.
The wind has been a little fitful and at times we have drifted in the strong
tidal streams hereabouts, but eventually we located an anchorage a little
way up the River Tey adjacent a small port called Teyport with the much
larger settlement of Dundee sprawling over the opposite bank.

Thomas and my progress on our respective books, Moby Dick and The English
Civil War continues during the quiet periods. Hopefully we will both get
through them before Thomas departs.

The next tricky bit is getting ashore. The tidal stream in the harbour is
quite strong, too strong to row against with two people in the dinghy so
from here I will break out the little outboard and see if it will start
after a long period in hibernation. I generally like to row so it hasn't
been used for over two years I think.

A fresh southerly is forecast, for the next day or so, a headwind for us, so
we will wait it out here until a more favourable breeze prevails for blowing
us across the North Sea to Holland.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

I presume skipper Bob is including me in the "we" above, and I grudgingly
admit a night at sea isn't too bad, company could be better, food could be
better, but I guess apart from that there is not too much wanting. Except
maybe for just a wee bit more ... Zzzzzzz.

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