Tollgate Tail Ender

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 14 Oct 2023 01:46
Noon Position: 34 44.2 S 151 06.2 E
Course: S Speed 1.5 knots
Wind: WNW, F2
Sea: slight Swell: SW 1m
Weather: mostly sunny, warm
Days Run: 70nm

Conditions have certainly been unkind to Sylph for her first offshore race in over 50 years. The large, light go-fast modern boats were of course always going to leave Sylph along way astern but a stiff breeze would at least have had Sylph making respectable progress. However, we have experienced a lot of light fluky winds with a sloppy sea, conditions that are anathema to Sylph's sailing performance.
Fortunately we had a reasonably fresh breeze out of the west for much of the night which has allowed us to make some progress in the right direction, but this morning the wind has faded to almost nothing and we barely hold steerage way in the right direction. Meanwhile, the 100 foot racing machine, Andoo Comanche, has already rounded Tollgate Island and passed us heading in the opposite direction back to Sydney around nine this morning.
At this rate I reckon we will likely round Tollgate Island late tomorrow and maybe get back to Sydney sometime late Monday/early Tuesday (fingers crossed).
While progress has been disappointing at least it is nice to have all the racing paperwork completed and to be out here sailing Sylph again.
All is well.