Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 14 Mar 2014 03:45
Alongside Nagasaki
Wind: North F3 gentle breeze
Weather: overcast, light rain, cool

Yesterday I did not get off the boat at all. The weather wasn't very nice and the truth is I am getting bogged down in my studies. I find I get started thinking about some of the questions being asked and before I know it a couple of hours have passed and all I have done is made a few notes. I guess that is the nature of philosophy.

I was going to go for a bit of an explore this afternoon but someone from the marina has just told me that Mr Morimoto? (something like that) is coming down from North Kyushu to pay me a visit between three and four, so I guess I had best stick around for that. I wonder who he is. It is raining outside anyway, whereas the heater is on and I am quite happy where I am, ensconced inside Sylph's warm and cosy interior.

Browsing the 'Lonely Planet Guide' I realise I had best make a plan to do some sight seeing tomorrow and Sunday. Nagasaki has an interesting history and there is a lot to see here, not least of which is of course centred around the atomic bombing of the city. I guess I feel a bit nervous about seeing some of these museums and exhibits, as I imagine they will be emotionally challenging. But, nonetheless, I feel that it would be almost immoral to be here and not to be a witness to this event in some small personal way. The atomic bomb was like a large and very black full stop written at the end of the two world wars.

I think I will go back to my metaphysics for now.

All is well.