Still Blowing

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 7 Apr 2016 02:04
Noon position: 11 15.9 S 177 37.4 W
Course: South West Speed: 5 knots
Wind: West Nor’ West, F3 – gentle breeze
Sea: slight Swell: North West, 0.5 m
Weather: cloudy with sunny patches, passing showers, hot
Day’s run: 117 nm

Apart from the odd lull in the wind that occurs after a rain cloud passes
over we have enjoyed 24 hours of a steady breeze allowing us to post a very
satisfactory day’s run. While the lull in the wind is not so welcome, and
the increase that precedes them keeps me on my toes – to reef or not to
reef – the showers themselves provide me with a welcome opportunity for a
refreshing wash.

Now we just need to keep an eye out to see whether anything comes of
tropical disturbance 16F over Vanuatu (thanks for the heads up Ken); it is
expected to develop into a cyclone but will likely pass south of Fiji.

If the current wind holds then we will cross the date line late tomorrow and
gain a day. ETA Fiji could be as early as the 9th, which will be a bit of a
pain as that will be a Saturday and will involve overtime fees for clearing
in. Still, there are worse problems one could have, cyclones for instance.

All is well.