Northern Gulf Waters

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 3 Oct 2022 10:24
1800 Position: 34 14.3 S 138 05.4 E
Course: SSE Speed 4 knots
Wind ESE F3
Sea: slight Swell: negligible
Weather: overcast, mild

This morning, as forecast, the wind had swung into the NE creating a very slight sea that caused Sylph to bob against her anchor cable. The breeze was only very light and the sea minimal, however, sufficient to have me up at and weighing anchor at 0830 (daylight saving time which had come into effect overnight). Once underway I made a cup of tea and had breakfast.
The forecast for the day was light E'lies and I thought it would make for a good opportunity to explore the northern waters of the Gulf of St Vincent, as it occurs to me that Sylph and I have explored many parts of the world but not that part of the world which one might consider to be my backyard. There is not much in the way of attractive cruising destinations north of Black Point but I was curious to explore the coast nonetheless.
Winds remained light and we had to resort to the BRM on occasions, particularly early in the day. My original idea was to anchor for the night behind Sandy Point but, as I considered the plan further, I concluded that it was not such a good idea. The coastline in the northern Gulf waters are very shallow and one has to anchor a mile or so off shore, such as it is with its mangroves and mud and sand flats. While winds have been light throughout the day, the forecast for the early hours of tomorrow is for fresh easterly winds and being so far off the shoreline meant that we were likely to experience a nasty chop as the wind picked up. Consequently I have given up on the idea of anchoring for the night. Instead after sailing a little beyond Sandy Point just south of Wakefield, we tacked and started to head back south again.
My plan now is to hug the eastern side of the Gulf as close as the shallows will allow and to be back at Outer Harbour early tomorrow morning. I haven't made up my mind yet what I will do from there, whether to continue south for a bit more or to return to the RSAYS marina. I will see how I feel in the morning.
All is well.