Almost there

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 4 Nov 2018 01:57

Noon Position: 42 49.9 S  148 01.3 E
Course: SSE  Speed 5 knots
Wind: W   F3 - gentle breeze
Sea: slight  Swell: SE / 1m
Weather: overcast, cool

We sat out the gale comfortably at anchor over the past two days which means that I have nothing exciting to report.  Happy with that. It’s nice to have confidence in one’s ground tackle and thus far I am well pleased with the ‘new’ Rocna anchor.

This morning when I stuck my head out of the companionway hatch all was calm, so I shortened in the anchor cable and then retired below for breakfast and to peruse the news.  It seems Susie Goodall got underway around midnight last night. I admire her determination and her stamina.  I suspect if I were in her shoes it would have taken some doing to drag myself back out into the cold wild waters of the Southern Ocean.  Meanwhile, back down below in the cosy confines of Sylph’s small cabin, heater softly burbling, a nice hot pot of tea was brewed. 

Around 7.00, as I was pouring my second cuppa, I could see a puff of wind ruffling the water. I went on deck, tripped with a happy heart and light feet to the foredeck, set the mainsail and weighed anchor (yes, in that order).  Then, slowly, we all but drifted out of Prosser Bay.  Once round Luther Head, the southern headland of Prosser Bay, we altered course to the south, poled out the jib and ran before a light breeze in nice smooth waters, through Mercury Passage.  I toyed with going through Dunalley Canal but, in the end, decided against it as the guides recommend local knowledge which I do not have and I had not allowed myself enough time to plan a tricky passage that needed tidal assistance to make it over the shallow bits.  Instead we are taking the longer route around Cape Pillar.  I am not looking forward to getting around this cape as the winds are forecast to be light but a significant swell will still be running (I get the impression that there is always a significant swell running to the south of Cape Pillar).  Oh well, if it all gets too uncomfortable we can always pull into Port Arthur and there await a fair fresh breeze.

Now I really have to get stuck into an English essay.

All is well.