Holts Point Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 19 May 2019 10:33

Position: 40 15.02 S  148 03.39 E
At anchor Holts Point Bay, Flinders Island
Wind: calm
Sea: calm. Swell: nil
Weather: partly cloudy, mild.
Day’s run:  11 nm

Today we decided to explore a little more of the Furneaux Group. To that end, based on the weather forecast, we decided to back track a little to the south west corner of Flinders Island to a shoaling bay with a sandy beach and a creek and a lagoon behind.  I was expecting north east winds but they never filled in, presumably the mountains of Flinders Island blanketed us from them, so we ended up motoring the entire eleven miles against the ebb stream, arriving at our destination at 1500. We dropped anchor in four meters of crystal-clear water and, once Sylph was settled, we jumped into the dinghy and rowed ashore.

The beach was pristine, with lichen covered granite outcrops at either end. The lagoon was sheltered behind a bush covered sand dune and its smooth surface was a perfect mirror to the bold mountains rising behind it.  However, Flinders Island is not all wilderness and a solitary house hid among the shrubs and trees on the western headland.

After a short explore and leg-stretch, we rowed back to Sylph for dinner.

All is well.