Thursday 28 December - S2H Day Three

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 28 Dec 2023 02:48
Noon Position: 36 27.2 S 151 20.7 E
Course: WNW Speed: 4 knots
Wind: SW F3
Sea: slight Swell: S 1.5m
Weather: sunny, warm
Day's Run (non to noon): 100 nm

We have mostly enjoyed pleasant sailing conditions over the last 24 hours, with a moderate west to southwest breeze, allowing us to maintain full sail, close hauled on the starboard tack.
Now, you might be inclined to ask why have we come out so wide when the rest of the fleet has remained relatively close to the coast. A good question.
Our intention, as alluded to in yesterday's post, was to come out off the coast and find Nemo's current. Unfortunately, it seems to have mostly eluded us and, if anything, we suspect we have strayed into a counter-current. Consequently, at 1300 this afternoon I reluctantly tacked, which is now taking us slightly north of west, basically in the wrong direction.
The forecast is for the wind to freshen and back into the south later today. So, if this eventuates, then we should be able to make a better angle towards our preferred direction, hopefully something with at least some south in it.
Meanwhile, the crew is reasonably relaxed, well fed, warm, mostly dry, and comfortable, and in particular the now famous S2H feline, Oli, is enjoying the ride, getting lots of bunk time with the skipper.
ETA Hobart: a wild guess - late Tuesday, 2 January 2024.
All is well.