Still Here

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 24 Feb 2010 00:13

Alongside Ushuaia
Wind: West, moderate breeze
Weather: Mostly sunny, cool

The day started cold and wet but slowly grew sunny and dry, though the fresh westerly wind kept the temperature on the low side. I found some more rust to treat and later in the day was given a message that the part for the forestay was ready. Enjoyed a short hike to collect it and on return to the boat found it needs a very minor adjustment to make it fit, a slight grind with the angle grinder will do the job. If it isn’t too windy I will refit the forestay tomorrow.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Dear Adrian,

In response to your letter below: your confidences are perfectly safe with me, (“purrpetuity” how very droll, you can see I have resisted the urge not to copy cat - not too difficult). Of course our relationship does not solely revolve around fish treats, they are merely its fundamental foundation, its bedrock and under girding, the substance from which all else flows. My life, my dreams, my waking moments (not too many of these) are simply filled with thoughts of you providing me with another tasty fish morsel. So to suggest that our relationship might take a downward turn if it depends solely on fish treats, indeed I am deeply hurt. You might be a little confused, I am, after all, a cat. It does not solely rely on fish treats, it is fish treats. If you want mindless friendship, a pen pal perhaps, well, I am sure you have heard it all before.

You seem to be trying to torture me with talk of king crab starters, while on board Sylph I continue with hard tack - salt horse, what luxury! And the skipper seems to survive on little more than vegetable stews and pastas, so I can’t even pester him for leftovers, not that he ever leaves a scrap. If we cross paths again I shall be all to happy to change berths and join the merry Jennys (not too merry I trust, as I am not much of a party animal).

You know where to find me, it is indeed a privilege (for you to provide me with fish treats).


Zzzzzzzz . . . .

PS ‘Entre nous’? I forgive you of your ignorance of my American feline ignorance and speaking high brow European, but just between you and me, what does this mean?

Where was I? Oh yes . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Dear BC,

Our acquaintance is likely to take a downward turn if it depends solely on a fish treats. I had hoped that transatlantic relations had progressed beyond a mere dish. Be that as it may, I am prepared to allow that present straightened circumstances have obliged the skipper to limit the Sylph cuisine to salt horse and hard tack.....hence your harking after better fare. We have just enjoyed a very good meal with a king crab starter and I feel certain that this would meet with your approval. I therefore suggest that you should either jump ship and join the merry Jennys or persuade the Sylph management to get its nets out. Of course, this is strictly 'entre nous'.

Yours in purrpetuity,