Weekly Progress Report 20 (Happy Birthday Kate)

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 18 Jul 2020 23:18

Unfortunately the weather has been a bit wild and woolly over the last week, with lots of rain to the extent of causing major flooding in Whangarei on Thursday night, and a gale on Wednesday night. Consequently, we are still at Docklands 5. Nonetheless, I have, of course, been progressing other tasks while waiting to move to Rudolphs to have Sylph’s bottom blasted and painted. The move is planned for tomorrow and a window of fair weather is forecast later in the week, though weather forecasts in this part of the world are notoriously unreliable. Again, fingers firmly crossed.

Meanwhile, the major achievement for the week has been completing the last bit of painting in the bilge in an area under the cockpit that I have been putting off because of its inaccessibility. But now, after several days of contortioned postures and lots of paint splashed all over the place, it is done and we can at last start putting Sylph’s aft interior back together, in particular the companionway steps and the after floorboard.

The other major milestone for the week is Kate’s birthday today. Happy birthday Kate.


The bilge under the cockpit (lots of paint everywhere):



Happy Birthday Kate (gluten free cake made by boatyard neighbour Debbie, replete with unicorns and rainbows – Kate says its the nicest, girliest cake she has ever had – thank you Debbie):


This was Kate and I taking the mickey  out of all those syrupy photos that couples post of themselves on Facebook , but, well ...  I confess, I kinda like it:


All is well.