Made It Thursday

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 19 Sep 2013 06:02
Position: 19 09.44 S 146 51.70 E
At anchor Geoffrey Bay, Magnetic Island
Wind North nor’ east F3 light breeze
Sea: slight, Swell: negligible
Weather: clear, warm
Day’s run: 90 Nm

We managed to sneak past Stanley Reef as well as Old Reef, and were able to continue north a little further than I had expected before the reef forced us to tack back towards the coast. In fact, at 4.45 in the afternoon the wind started to veer, so I this seemed a propitious sign that it was a good time to tack. Now on the starboard tack the veering breeze was lifting us to advantage, and a few hours later I was able to ease sheets a little which allowed Sylph to stand up a little straighter, go a little faster, and ride a little more comfortably; and, seeing as it was coming up to dinner time, and, what’s more, starboard tack is the preferred cooking tack because the galley is on the port side, because when Sylph is on the starboard tack it means she leans over to port, which in turn means, when cooking, everything generally tends to stay put, rather then wanting to leap off the bench and all over either me, the cat, the galley sole, or all three, so, all in all, the tack worked out pretty well.

We continued on through the night on a steady westerly course. A bright gibbous moon hanging in clear sky and lit up the night. The seas were relatively flat and the wind fair and steady. Consequently, come sunrise, we found ourselves approaching Cleveland Bay, in which nestles the township of Townsville, in which lives my brother Michael and his family. But, with the prevailing wind, and given that Michael is going to be out of town until later tonight, I made for Geoffrey Bay on the southern shore of Magnetic Island where, as the song goes, the living is free and easy, that is, unlike Townsville, I do not have to live in a marina and pay daily tariffs.

Tomorrow morning we will motor to the Breakwater Marina where we will put out our shingle for about ten days before continuing further north. Now I really need to catch up on a little sleep.

All is well.