Mast Painting

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 30 Aug 2021 11:38

Position: Alongside RSAYS, Adelaide
Weather: mostly sunny, mild

There is not a lot to report at the moment with most of my attention being devoted to refurbishing the mast. It has now been fully painted. Also the masthead sheave for the main halyard has been sand blasted and regalvanised, and new bolts and bushes have been made for the spreader plates. Most of the standing rigging has been made up by Bravo Sails and is ready to go on. Tomorrow I will start putting all the tracks and fittings back onto the mast. With the exception of the repair to the tang for one of the lower shrouds, the mast will likely be ready to go back on Sylph towards the end of the week. Unfortunately the tang repair is not going to be completed until sometime next week and then it will need to be painted which will take about four days subject to weather. So, probably the earliest we will be ready to restep the mast will be two weeks from now.

Meanwhile there are lots of other jobs that need doing and it hasn’t all been work. There has also been time for a bit of socialising with new and old friends and also catching up with family. Last Saturday afternoon Oli and I paid my brother John and his wife Cathy a visit. And, for now, South Australia enjoys relative freedom.

All is well.