Shoreside Week Six

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 8 Aug 2022 09:08
Position: Alongside RSAYS, Outer Harbour, Adelaide
Weather: showers, windy at times and cool

On Friday we got the engine block and head back from the engine reconditioner and since then have spent most of our time putting the BRM back together again. So far it all appears to be going very well. The new pistons are in, along with the crankshaft, big ends, governor, cam shaft, and timing gear. Hopefully I have installed them correctly but we won't know for sure until I attempt to fire the engine up. If all continues to go to schedule, I hope that might be towards the end of the week.
While waiting to get the engine block back, I turned my hand to a small wood carving project that has been on my mind for many years now. The back of the head door has a couple of gaps in the top corners that need to be filled in. These gaps occurred when I modified the head door way back in 1998 when I refitted Sylph after purchasing her. My idea has been to fill the gaps with a couple of small decorative knees in the shape of sylphs. These are now done and waiting to be fitted. They are by no means perfect but as my first wood carving project I am pretty happy with the result, especially considering they will merely be filling an aesthetic void behind the dunny door.
Oli is content and ...

All is well.
The gap behind the head's door:
The design:
Left side complete:
Right side:
Both sides:
And the BRM coming together: