And Fitted

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 3 Jan 2014 10:55
Position: Moored Agana Harbor, Guam
Wind: North east, F4 moderate breeze
Weather: mostly sunny, warm and humid

I owe Chris, the young owner of “Ship Right”, a big thank you for the loan of his car this morning. I made it to the Custom's office several miles away in the main port of Apra Harbor without getting lost or having an accident, and back again. Alleluia! And the clearing out process was quick and simple, and no one asked for any money. Praise the Lord!
Back on board I have since put the wind vane back together, and the new batteries are installed. This evening I was taken out to the yacht club by a fellow named Dave, who is working on a boat project with Chris, where I got to socialise with some fellow humans for the first time in several weeks, which made a welcome change.
Tomorrow and Sunday I will do a few more chores to make sure Sylph is ready to sail on Monday, when we shall continue on our way.
All is well.