Wet and Windy

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 4 Jun 2012 01:15

Alongside American River, Kangaroo Island
Wind: South east F6-7, strong breeze to near gale
Weather: overcast, heavy rain, cool

We won't be going anywhere today, nor probably tomorrow, as it is blowing a gale outside and raining heavily, definitely not my idea of sailing weather. Fair winds are not expected until Sunday, so for now we will sit tight. The wind is pressing us hard against the wharf and a small sea has built up across the short fetch of the river which is joggling us around a fair bit. Nothing to worry about but I need to keep a close eye on lines and fenders.

Meanwhile RC is chasing imaginary objects around the cabin, maybe it is the first signs of cabin fever.  Or maybe I am imagining him chasing imaginary objects around the cabin ...

All is well.