Sea Survival Safety Course

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 17 Jul 2023 00:19

Moored Rushcutters Bay, Port Jackson
Wind: NW F2
Sea: calm Swell: nil
Weather: sunny, mild

Yesterday I completed the Sea Survival Safety Course with the Pacific Sailing School. While the motivation to do the course was as a prerequisite for the Sydney to Hobart Race, I thought it worth doing in any event as the last time I did any practical training was back in my Navy days; a long, long time ago now. As well as about six hours of on line study, the really useful bit was the practical where we got to jump in a swimming pool (heated) with our foul weather gear and life jackets on and go through various survival skills, including boarding a liferaft and righting it from the inverted position. So, overall, I think it was money well spent whether we make it to the S2H start line or not.

I have also fitted the additional lifeline stanchions and started modifying the pushpit and cockpit rail to facilitate additional lifelines so that the rails comply with Australia Sailing's Blue Book. I can't say that these additions will improve Sylph's safety but they are relatively minor and I don't think they will cause any problems.

And, as always, there is Sylph's regular maintenance schedule to attend to.

All is well (I have recovered from my cold).