Wind Vane Strut Repaired

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 2 Jan 2014 09:31
Position: Moored Agana Harbor, Guam
Wind: North east, F4 moderate breeze
Weather: cloudy, showers, warm and humid

The first job for today was to go ashore to 'Ship Right' and see if they could repair the wind vane strut. I met the young owner of the business, Chris, who said they could and that it would be done by the end of the day. I then went to the library to see if I could get internet access, but their internet was down. The librarian suggested that I try Shirley's, a restaurant across the road. This of course meant I had to purchase something. About an hour and a half later, after a small meal of fried rice, and numerous cups of coffee, my first in many days, I had achieved almost nothing on the internet. The connection was very slow and I think my little netbook needs a memory upgrade. I established that yesterday's blog entry did not get posted. I tried reposting it using but am not sure whether it worked or not. But by this stage I could not stomach one more sip of coffee so I gave up on the internet and went to the supermarket instead to top up on a few supplies. Perhaps not surprisingly everything is very expensive.
From there back to 'Ship Right' to pick up the strut, and I also ordered a couple of new deep cycle batteries. They were smaller than I really wanted, but, unlike the groceries, were reasonably priced and having them will be better than my current situation, relying on two very old batteries which, while they have been doing remarkably well thus far, could fail me with little warning.
Well I have bored you with too much detail already, so to keep it short (for me) by the end of the day we had not only had the wind vane strut repaired, we had two new batteries on board, the old dead batteries landed (for which I received four dollars each, an unexpected bonus), and the water tanks are full. I have yet to fit the strut and ship the batteries, these will be tomorrow's jobs, but the first thing on tomorrow's to do list will be to go to Customs and organise clearance out of Guam for a Monday departure. When I asked Chris what was the best way to get to Customs he very kindly offered me the use of his company vehicle. How nice is that?
All is well.