Baie Puamau, Hiva Oa

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 7 Feb 2011 23:52
Position: 09 45.84 S 138 52.71 W
At anchor, Baie Puamau, Hiva Oa
Wind: East, F2-4 Light Air to Moderate breeze
Weather: Cloudy, sunny periods, passing showers, warm
Sailed from Baie Des Vierges, Fatu Hiva at 14.35 yesterday, arrived Baie Puamau, Hiva Oa 7.20 this morning.
"Your egoist, like the solitary beasts, lives only for himself; your altruist declares that he lives only for others; for either there may be success or failure, but for neither can there be tragedy. For even if the altruist meets nothing but ingratitude, what has he to complain of? His premises abolish his grounds of complaint. But both egoist and altruist are philosophical abstractions. The human being by nature and necessity is neither egoist nor altruist; he trims a difficult course between the two; for the most part we are, within the limits of our powers of expression, egotists, and our desire is to think and if possible talk and write about this marvellous experiment of ourselves, with all the world, or as much as we can conveniently assemble, for audience. There is variety in our styles. Some drape the central figure; some let it rather appear than call attention to it; some affect a needless frankness: 'I am an egotist, mind you, and I pretend nothing else'; some by adopting a pose with accessories do at least develop so great and passionate an interest in the accessories as to generalise and escape more or less completely from self. An egotism like an eggshell is a thing from which to escape; the art of life is that escape. The fundamental art of life is to recover the sense of that great self-forgetful continuous life from which we have individually budded off."
H.G. Wells, from the introduction to Barbellion's "The Journal of a Disappointed Man."