Sailing in the Rain - Again

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 7 May 2010 01:06

Position: 53 30.21 S 072 46.14 W
At anchor Bahia Swallow
Wind: west nor’ west, F0-4 calm to moderate breeze
Weather: overcast, rain and drizzle, cool.
Day’s Run: 15 nm (32nm sailed,)

We got away this morning in good time, Persimmon preceding, with all the shore lines recovered, dinghy stowed and anchor aweigh by 8.30. Persimmon getting the head start soon pulled well ahead of old Sylph (with a little help from her motor) and we are now on our lonesome again.

It has rained all day … wet, wet, wet!

The wind started out well, a nice gentle breeze from the west sou’ west, a head wind of course but still a good sailing breeze. Unfortunately the current has been against us all day as well which contributed to many of the extra miles we had to sail in order to make good a day's run of only 15 miles. We had a period of calm for about an hour in the afternoon when we motored.  At 1.30 the wind returned, initially a little fitfully, but then filled in steady from the northwest - even more on the nose. At one point later on in the afternoon we fell into a hole in the wind and found ourselves wallowing in a small patch of disturbed sea and being pushed back the way we had just come at the rate of 2 ½ knots which was a bit demoralizing. But again the wind returned and carried us on our way.

In trying to make the most of the short daylight hours I ran on a bit longer than I should have and ended up entering this poorly charted bay, which is not mentioned in the cruising bible, as it was getting dark. I dropped anchor between a small islet and a larger island that is contained within Bahia Swallow. What I did see of the bay as we entered looks spectacular with mountains rising sharply from the water, and two waterfalls plunge into the bay, one of them very large. But these sights quickly disappeared with the arrival of dusk and left me getting the dinghy into the water and shorelines tied up with the aid of a spotlight and headlamp. It was a good thing I had the anchor light on so I could see my way back to Sylph in the little rowing dinghy.

It will be every interesting to see what tomorrow’s daylight reveals. I don’t think I want to be tieing up shorleines in the dark again.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Not a bad day as day’s go, mostly acceptable. We only leaned over a bit now and then. The beast below the floor boards awoke for a while and purred contentedly for an hour or so. I am beginning to like the beast, for when it awakes conditions are invariably very pleasant. Long live the beast.

And I scored some tuna, and the heater is on. So, as mentioned, mostly an acceptable day which I will now cap with a nice little … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.