First day to Greenland

Lars Alfredson
Wed 5 Jul 2023 19:34
POS 52:27.647N 54:43.808W
July 5 - 19:00GMT
Boat speed 5.9kts SOG
COG 80°
Wind 12kts NE
Distance traveled 33nm
560nm to go

Direct from board
We are on our way !
After two nights in safe harbour,  Battle Harbour,  we are off en'route to Greenland. 
We had to change our sailing plan due to the ice situation along the Labrador coast.

Plan was to sail on port tack and then tack to starboard to N in the evening.
That routing model would let us hook on more easterly winds further N and lift us to Greenland on SB tack. 

Instead we are now gonna sail port tack further east to avoid the ice.
We will get fresh ice maps daily and as soon we can, we will tack to N.

Sailing close hauled, 20kn (10 m/s) wind, 8,5 kn speed but a current on the nose, Sog 6.5kn
Chilli,misty outside but cosy inside the doghouse.
Doing 30 min watches for lookout. 
Chili Con Carne for lunch. Dinner will be "Chicken Suprice ala Hammar"

Greetings from S/Y Dawnbreaker