Ilha da Cotia 2432011 Thursday

Lars Alfredson
Thu 24 Mar 2011 22:31

In the morning it was time for the Supermarket and stock up. It would be a long ankle wrenching walk but

the good news was they delivered to the Dock so at least we didn’t have to carry our goodies.




Thomas waited ashore for the 2pm delivery whilst we went back to the boat. At the appointed hour I returned

in the the dinghy to join Thomas and Yves under a shady tree next to the “Beer” lady a partook of her wares until the truck appeared


Having loaded our purchases and with little room for us the heavily laden dinghy headed back to base.

Once unloaded up it was off to the marina for fuel and water and away the Ilha da Cotia.


We anchored off a very pretty bay with a large rock in the middle of the beach and some very exotic

flowering sisal type plants and bushes.




There were several Argentinian boats were already here and seemed to be partying for most of the night.

We bar-b-q’d german sausages and ate sauerkraut aboard under a brilliant starlight sky, helped down with

one of our recently purchases bottle of Chilian Cabernet Sauvingnon.


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