First days in Miri

Lars Alfredson
Sun 26 May 2019 12:04

We arrived in Miri Marina on Thursday afternoon the 23rd of May.
Friday I had to do all the paperwork for leaving Dawnbreaker here for a few months.
The rest of the crew started on the long list of jobs that needs to be done before I/we can go home.
Paperwork done and the tools broken for taking the main sail winch apart, we sent Ivan and Pelle on a tool chase while I and Kenneth tackled the next job.
Returning without finding any tools I decided that the screws need to be drilled out and for that we need professional help/tools.
We were later invited to a pot luck dinner ashore. There we got to know the local boaters and a few other expats. We had a nice evening with our new found friends.

Saturday morning we rented a car and took off for Niah National Park where they have some big caves. One and a half hours later we came to the park. We had to take a small ferry boat to cross a river and and then walk about 4 km to the caves.In the 35 C heat you are soon getting soaked in sweat and thirsting for a cold beer.
To our luck there was two enterprising women that had a stall selling just that just before the cave entrance.
There was several caves all connected by walkways. Big caves and lots of steps up and down. After about 3.5 hours and 2000 steps up and down we emerged on very wobbly legs in daylight again. Very nice caves with lots of bats and swiftlets. There was a lot of climbing gear for harvesting birds nests when in season.
It took 2 beers from the enterprising ladies before we could tackle the walk back to the park entrance.
This had taken most of our energy so we drove back to Ming Cafe for dinner.

Ming Cafe is the place in Miri, which we found out on our first night. Full of people eating and drinking.

Sunday was a full day of work. Me in the engine room trying to dismantle the watermaker. The rest of the boys cleaning inside and outside.