Angra dos Reis 18032011 Friday

Lars Alfredson
Fri 18 Mar 2011 22:07

Pos 22:59.91S 44:15.00W 


Up and off to Verholme Marina in Angra dos Reis on the main land about 8nm and 45mins away where

arrangements have been made to meet a mechanic to repair the Generator and and engineering problems

as well as take on water. Our stay will be brief as they with to charge R$10 (£4 approx) per foot per day,    we are 65ft .



                                    The approach                                                                         Verholme Marina


At first sight the marina looks quite until you realise that most of the boats are stored in a collection of

massive wharehouses, the smaller ones upto 20ft hoisted up in racks by an enormous forklift truck that also

launches them, the largest in open fronted buildings. Their liftout facilities are impressive and they

can launch even the largest boat in 25 minutes.


Add to this a mini airport with facilities to land upto 6 helicopters at a time (Most owners live in Rio

and fly down) all the support facilities you would expect of a 1st  class  Marina.



                                    Landing Pad                                                                         Restaurant


We go to the chandlery to pick up our new freshwater pressure pump to replace our failed unit but they are

closed for lunch so off to the restaurant. Pump aboard and arrangements to have the Mechanics dealt

with the Genset in the morning and its of to a new bay on Ilha Grande opposite Angra and where sits a gigantic drilling rig.


The anchoraged called Lagoa Azul or Blue Lagoon is located between a collection of small islands.

Very pretty and though not “Carribian” blue our snorkelling reveals colourful coroals and sponge

ormations on the rock and plenty of fish life, with Boxfish, Sergeant Majors, Pipe fish and a Turtle

which came drifting past.


We discover that Frederick (With us on the Canaries to Cape Verde Leg) has come over from

South Africa working on the Oil Rig that sits in the Bay. As he is responsible for the programming of

the positioning systems for the rig we ask nicely if he might move it behind one of the islands as its spoiling our view!!



                                     Fred's rig                                                                        Lunch


After our excellent lunch at the Marina we decide to scap dinner and go straight for the sweet course.

Thomas makes and apple crumble and it, served with icecream purchased that morning washed

with a cheeky little red wine finishes the day.


                                      Apple crumble


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