Pioneer Bay report

Lars Alfredson
Tue 3 Mar 2015 22:44

Is the site of James Cook University Research Station.  We will try to visit the station today.  Moored on one of the parks public buoys at Little Pioneer Bay we went on an expedition onshore yesterday.  Possibly the most prettiest and popular Anchorage on Orpheus Island, with park facilities for camping and a track leading to the ruins of a stone shepherds dwelling.

The weather is changing and cloud coverage moving in as the temperature drops to 28C in thr pilot house and a fresh breeze is in the air.  It is now bearable here.  Quite a break.

At the beach we saw blue spotted mask rays and a flat fish.  Mangrove land and crocodile warnings are posted at the beach.




Crocodile warning                                                               Yes there is a flat fish there.  Well camouflaged