Princess Royal Channel

Lars Alfredson
Mon 12 Sep 2016 01:41
Sep 10 Princess Royal Channel

The captain has made some offering to the weather gods for a sunny day and fair winds.  So far the sunny is still under debate.  Winds are none, a plus to the 30kts on the nose of yesterday.   The good news is that there is at least no rain.

We continue our quest south along the Princess Royal Channel riding our way within the currents and dodging the floating logs/tress.  Last day's rains, have created slides on the encampment and now there are newly fallen trees on the channel.  It is sad to witness this.  But that's life here.  

The scenery is gorgeous but a constant now. BC woodlands and beautiful waterfalls along the route. A bald eagle was spotted, as were seals. We are debating if to rush down to BC southern coast in search of a scenario change.  Guess you will find out on the future blogs.


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