Lars Alfredson
Mon 23 Sep 2013 00:38
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Asanvari Bay
Saturday 21/9
We woke up to an overcast morning with rain in the air.
We decided to move on to Maewo, the next island to the north, in search of sunshine.
We got some heavy rain on the passage but it cleared when we got in to Asanvari Bay.
After a nice lunch we got in some very nice snorkeling. The water was very clear, I could easily see the bottom under the boat 25 meters down.
The reef was the best for a long time with lots of big fish. As my underwater camera went for a walk (together with Marks sunglasses and Sannas cigarettes) when we were at Ambryn, there will be no more under water pictures for this trip.
In the afternoon Sanna, Lars and Mark took the dinghy ashore to explore the village. The French part of the crew, stayed aboard to bake fresh bread. Very nice bread!
We first headed for the nice waterfall we could see between the trees. There we found a jetty to tie up to and the “Sparkling Waters Bar”.
m_DSC_0374   m_DSC_0373
                   Ian was there to take our line.
m_DSC_0378    m_DSC_0377
                                                                                                                                    Recently opened, we were among the 50 first guests.
It turned out that Alex owned all the surrounding land including the waterfall. They charged a small fee for swimming in the pond and had this year finished their Bar.
Alex son Ian and brother John worked with him running the place.
m_DSC_0376    m_DSC_0381 
                              Lawai waterfall                                                                                            Sanna i the bath.
While Sanna enjoyed the waters, Mark and I tried out the local beer. It was served hot, no electricity but tasted nice anyway.
Perhaps because we run out of beer a couple of days ago.
We were soon joined from one of the other boats in the bay.
This boat turned out to be a medical aid boat visiting all the small islands and villages in Vanuatu.
The owner of the boat Jeff had put together several sailing crews and several medical crews and they spent the season giving medical and dental aid to the small villages.
With him we met Mathew, Peter and Meredith. We had a lovely chat about Vanuatu and about sailing to remote places.
When the sun set we returned to the boat for dinner and a nice evening.
m_DSC_0379     m_DSC_0382
                                                                                                                                                                     Jeff and his team.