Last night in port Denarau

Lars Alfredson
Mon 24 Jun 2013 05:19

20130622 Saturday



How we got Tonton aboard was a mystery as it’s a high step up from the pontoon. He can’t remember neither can we.When he finally surfaces complain of a headache we are blamed for not saving him from the Bar.


IMG_0904    P6220016

                           Long walk ashore                                                                                  Quiet  Hard Rock Cafe’   


As is tradition now, we raise the Brazilian flag, much to my chagrin, as the Welsh flag is demoted to 2nd place by size. But now have a happy crew member, re-united after Antarctica and saved from the cold wet and windy weather of Auckland.


P6220023     IMG_0907

              Raising the flag                                                                    



Grabbing at taxi we head to the supermarket for supplies, ready for our departure as we’re heading back to the islands tomorrow. Tonton can’t get over the prices.


P6220020   P6220019

                       Supermarket                                                                                                 Icebergs at 25 F$ 


We’ve been left on the pontoon as there still aren’t any moorings free, which is great as far as we’re concerned. Returning we have lunch aboard and carry on working on the computers. We’re now trying to connect the satellite phone into the computer so we can email and take down Grib files when out of range of land based systems.


During the afternoon we are entertained by a bunch of guys practicing their dance routine on one of the tourist boats. Not bad but we wish they would change the record!!


IMG_0929   P6220013

                   Soft rock                                                                                                                          Hard rock


Dinner ashore and rugby on the big screen. Just as we are leaving Australian V France starts up. We join our  aussies , friends but by half time Lars and Tonton return to the boat while I stay on to the end. Australia loose when the fail to get a penalty kick between the posts and our friends leave dejected!


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