Rose's bar. The myth deconstructed

Lars Alfredson
Sun 14 Aug 2016 03:41
The Infamous Rose's Bar

In the early 70's an astute business woman, in between husbands, settled in Pelican Harbour. 
Her smart business sense created Rose's bar.  A myth build on not so solid foundation, but a clever marketing plot. 
What contributed to the fame were three facts. One there was no serving limit.  Things got wild and crazy there. Secondly she catered to the pre whorehouse  clientele.  On a side note this red light gentelmen's club was based on a barge. To be legal this cathouse had to be floating.  The beavers could not be accessible by land. A water taxi was required to reach the brothel. One night though, on a very low tide it was grounded and a beaver rush stormed out of Rose's.  
This town was very active in fishing and processing and brought in fishermen from as far as Dutch Harbour and Kodiak.  This contributed to the creation of this Aleutian myth and is the 2nd success factor. 
The only real story was the "depanting".  If one feels like writing his name or stick a one dollar bill to the ceiling and was vulnerable standing on a table or bar counter, Rose would pull down his pants. Creating the opportunity for Rose's Tshirt "Take down your pants and let's party". 
That's marketing and cross selling. 


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