Ilot Mato

Lars Alfredson
Sat 2 Nov 2013 02:21
Pos 22:33.11S 166:47.74E
Ilot Mato
Wedensday 30/10
Today we choose another small island, Ilot Mato as our target. From the chart it looked to have a nice big lagoon with hopefully some good snorkeling.
Light winds today meant motoring the 14 NM to Mato.
We had a nice lunch after we dropped the hook.
Later in the afternoon we decided that we had to climb to the top of the Island. The expedition soon found the track leading to the top. So far so good. After taking pictures and admiring the wiews we had to go down again.
Now we took the fatal decision to follow another very small track down again. It got worse and worse and soon there was no track at all. Off course we did not turn around and after a long struggle we got down to a beach again, on the other end of the Island! This ment wading through the water back to our starting point to retrieve the dinghy.
We earned our sundowners that day.
Thursday 31/10 Halloween
We woke up to a beautiful morning with a clear blue sky and flat water. The day was spent mostly in the water snorkeling. We spotted 3 black tip reef sharks that circled the lagoon looking for  
something tasty perhaps? They were a lot more afraid of us than we of them.
After dinner when it was dark the Dawnbraker kids decidedthey were going trick or treating some of our neighbour boats. They painted them selves in the faces and prepared some water balloons and of they went paddling in the dark to the nearest boat.
They came back an hour later with some sweets for me. They only got to the nearest French boat and were asked aboard for a nice chat.