Esperitu Santo

Lars Alfredson
Fri 27 Sep 2013 21:43
Pos 15:31.40S 167:09.85E
Tuesday 24/9
Tuesday morning the weather was supposed to go better.
We decided to head for Luganville on Santo as we were running low on most things to eat and drink.
We had a nice sail the 50 NM to Luganville and arrived at 17:30 in time for a sundowner.
We anchored next to Happy Taurus a Yacht that we have known from Puerto Willams in Chile, and in many anchoridges thereafter.
m_DSC_0027   m_DSC_0011
                            Happy Taurus.                                                                                     Moon over Luganville.
Washing up after dinner we run out of water and will have to find somewhere to fill water in the morning.
Wednesday 25/9
Early morning while the kid squad is still sleeping Mark and I takes the dinghy to go searching for a water tap.
Luckely we find Luganville Marine School nearby. They have a nice pontoon and a water tap close.
The school is full of pupils from many different countries. Asking our way we find Zacharia who is the head of the mechanics school.
He says, off course you can come over and fill water.
We return to the boat and wind up the anchor and move over to the jetty. The water pressure is not very high but we have 3 interesting hours, talking to teachers and pupils,
watching fire excersizes and life boat drills.
Full of water we moved back to the anchoridge, and set off in to town for the not so nice excersize of shopping for 6 poople for the coming weeks.
100.000 Vatu later we get a ride back to the boat from the shop owner.
m_DSC_0031    m_DSC_0032
                            The fruit market.
After a tuff day we relax with pizza and beer in the Beachfront Hotel.
m_DSC_0017    m_DSC_0016
Thursday 26/9
After breakfast we go over to the Schooner Alvei for a visit. We have met them many times in Fiji and here in Vanuatu. She is an ex Norwegian steam fishingboat.
Owned and restored by Evan since 29 years. They sail with paying crew in this part of the world (
We are guided around the boat by Shean.
m_DSC_0030     m_DSC_0025
m_DSC_0019     m_DSC_0029
m_DSC_0020     m_DSC_0026
              Massive engine at 5 tons.                                                                      Massive toilet giving you a nice ride.
m_DSC_0022     m_DSC_0023
                        The cooks duties.                                                                             Shean our guide.
After a nice visit Sanna heads off to Champagne beach and Blue hole with part of the crew from Alvei. Mark and I went to seek out the Customs office for some paperwork.
That accomplished (come back tomorrow for your papers) we found a hairdresser called “Head Hunter” where I cut off most of my sunbleched hair. On to the Post Office
where I could finally post four cards that Jonathan wrote some weeks ago.
For lunch we found a nice Chinese restaurant with good food and cold beer. Back at the Beachfront Hotel we bumped in to Evan the skipper of Alvei in the bar, and had a long talk with him about sailing the oceans and many other subjects.
We have now booked a wreck dive on SS President Coolidge.
More about that soon.