Rio 14032011 Sunday

Lars Alfredson
Mon 14 Mar 2011 23:13


11:30 and start work on the Blog backlog. A fit of old age and communial memory loss means we have

to be resourceful when trying to piece together the activities of the past week. Fortunately we have

the pictures which through the marvel of modern technology are date stamped. So in the course of

shrinking them for inclusion into the Blog and selecting those to illustrate the story all is not lost.


12:00 stop for sandwich and coffee

18:00 Start downloading text and pictures to Blog E-mails. Problem, text doesn’t want to fit the page.

After much head scratching realise its been set for HTML (Don’t ask)  which is required later for adding the pictures.


19:30 Finished at last which turns out to be perfect timing as our French neighbours  Yves, Karine,and son Enzo

hail us in passing and invite us to join them for dinner at the Club.

So half an hour later fully polished and presentable we catch up with them and with the aid of a Caipirinha apperitif

our days efforts are successfully despatched to the Blog site.



                                              Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro                         


Its their last night as they are head off to Ilha Grande down the coast early in the morning and after dinner

we are invited onto Grey Pearl for night-cap. This  consists of a Breton speciality of what can best be described

as fermented cherries of which they had a very large decanter. As if  that hadn’t made our eyes water enough it was

then followed by some homemade Brazilian spirit, of paint stripper quality and an alchohol level somewhere near rocket fuel.


I suppose we could have walked across to our Boat but, still in command of what little senses we had,

managed to board the dinghy and motor back. And so to sleep.


Bob the Blog