Fat Boy Resort

Lars Alfredson
Sat 18 Jul 2015 10:35

2015-07-16 Fat Boy Resort

2015-07-16 The following morning we return to the town to pick up some medical kit but the good doctor had forgotten to send it to the Clinic and he was operating that. A bit of last minute shopping and then looking for the reef of the day.

We have the usual problem of a steep sided drop making it difficult to anchor. A lot of this problem is caused by the volcanic nature of the area which can raise some islands metres above their old sea levels leaving their reefs high and dry.

                Snorkeling reef                                                                                                                                  Fat Boys.

As the tide changes, the hot water off the shallows tumbles over the sides into the deep making swimming a choice of boiling hot one minute and freezing (Relatively) the next, most peculiar.

Lars makes his way ashore to walk around the mini islands while I work my way back only to discover I’m being shadowed by a Black Tip shark. As I turn and try to photograph him he scuttles off into the deep. Definitely time for a beer.

All aboard, a move to anchor of “Fat Boys” Resort on an island a few miles back. After lunch we go across to book in and check what’s on the menu. Lars and Shan go walkabout while I prop up the bar nursing my wounds.


7ish and just as were preparing to leave the heavens open. We put the radar on to survey the rain cloud and see a window of opportunity. Dressed in just enough to be decent, we stuff the rest of our clothes in the rucksack and proceed to the restaurant. On landing we pause to kit up in the toilet on the way. Despite wet bottoms we are reasonably presentable and take our table.


                               Things taking a nasty tern

 Pre-dinner entertainment is feeding the 8 or so black tipped sharks who gather in the flood lit water under the restaurant. Could that be my snorkelling companion I see in the water beneath me?

Bar-b-qued chicken legs for Lars and ginger spiced fish for Shan and myself, all agreed it was delicious. Having consumed a nice bottle of Shiraz and been entertained by the manager it was back to yacht for a nightcap and beddy byes.

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