Here we come

Lars Alfredson
Sat 6 Oct 2012 23:17
Pos 29:12.4S 94:53.9W
Saturday 6/10 2012
20.00 LT

Hello, Steve here! Well then we have passed the half way mark on our voyage to Easter Island and its taken us 6 days! And what a 6 days its been!! Action packed with the Dawnbreaker getting thrown around a little, sometimes a lot, sheet ropes snapping sending sails flying to be rescued at 3 in the morning in rough seas, whales cruising alongside checking us out and dolphins dancing off the bow, incredible sunsets, beautiful night skys both clear and dark.... (at night racing across the Pacific in the darkness of the pilot house on watch is straight out of some movie, totaly surreal!), squalls and big swells, waves crashing over the top, crazy nights trying to sleep being bounced up and down and pushed off to one side or the other and waking up not knowing what is real anymore, a little seasickness here and there, classic 70s guitar music, just missing a huge log by 10 feet that was making its way to Sydney and weve had some laughs and learning.
The last 24 hours has been great sailing with the wind in the sweet spot and 200 miles covered, nice! .. Lars bought some local brewed beers in his final moments on Robinson Crusoe Island (the Captain is always thinking!) and we have saved them for the celebration of the "half way mark" to Easter Island, we deserve them and when those two South American slackers get out of bed we shall have our much deserved celebratiory local brewed Robinson Crusoe beer ... and some peanuts with another pacific sunset!