Lars Alfredson
Fri 12 Aug 2016 18:22
POS 58:16.229N 138:05.046W

TGIF. And no pub to celebrate the upcoming weekend.

We almost there ... 3 hour for land sighting. Sunset around 23:00. With the autopilot out off commission hand steering is on shift. We are spoiled with brothers Otto and Attus. Our resident on-hand pilots of the Autohelm family. Otto is sick since Japan, still in ICU.
Attus needed a new heart pump in February, but the transplant waiting list was to long. So a new one was provided. Despite some "blood" leaks it did carry us from Japan to Russia and Kodiak via the Aleutian Islands. A donation of 20l hydraulic blood drum from the first-aid station at Attu Island, has been able to keep the hearth pumping until today.
Unfortunately today his skeleton presented some cracks and catastrophic failure was eminent.
Dr. Urban is already consulting the Elga team for the appropriate procedure.
A note: his other patient "Naughty-boom" also broke some ligaments and joints and is out of commission. Still bleeding slowly but firm.
Until we reach a suitable operating environment there will be one-hour hand steering shifts. Despite the rough weather, for some reason Japanese noodle cup was not acceptable today. Wonder why.

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