Makemo - Fakarava

Lars Alfredson
Sun 27 Jan 2013 23:07
Pos 16:30.45S 145:27.50W
Fakarava, south passage

We left Makemo at dusk on Saturday for the 90M overnight sail to Fakarava.
It turned out to be a sail with lots of wind, no wind and lots of rain showers.
We arrived at Fakarava, south pass at 11.00 on Sunday morning.
We noticed that the tide had turned and was starting to come in, so after anchoring
we dug out all the diving gear and went for a fantastic drift dive with hundreds of sharks in through the pass.
This is the best Dive/snorkeling place we have found so far.
Right now the smells from the galley is wonderful and the full moon is shining. A nice bottle of red has been opening and life feels good.
Tomorrow we are off for the bad weather in Tahiti.
All is well,
Lars, Fred and Grete