Anchored at Oban, Stewart Island

Lars Alfredson
Mon 24 Nov 2014 20:10

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Oban, Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island - NZ


Oban in Scotland is a port servicing the Hebrides and other western Scots Islands. The name means "Many Coves" in Gaelic. It applies equally well to Oban, Stewart Island.

Arriving by air or sea, Oban presents a vista of picturesque bays and coves. Houses nestle amid lush vegetation. The few buildings of the "Commercial Sector" are all within a five minute walk of the wharf, and each other. Pride of place on the waterfront, however, goes to education, the Halfmoon Bay School.


Permanent population of Oban is less than 400. This number swells considerably over summer, as more than half the dwellings are holiday homes. When all the tourist accommodation is full, visitors almost out-number locals.