Rio 09032011 Wednesday

Lars Alfredson
Wed 9 Mar 2011 23:22

An early start and no rain so its off  to the Cable Car station to go up the Sugarloaf .

The trip is in two parts stopping on a lower lump at 220m with view points facilities and the base

for helicopter trips (That buzz over the yacht all day). Boarding the next cable car for the final leg

we ascended to 396Metres. For a change the summit was clear and we had fantastic views over Rio.



                                                 Model of Sugarloaf                                                                   Going up



                                     Copacabana in the background                                           Not only in Gibraltar


That night we head for the Sambadrome and the Carnival along with the rain and several thousands

other people.  After walking miles and looking for the way in, and tickets we chance upon an unattended

turnstile access that peoples seem to be walking through unhindered so we follow, good move

great stand overlooking the start of the parade and free.





                                             Comments not needed



At 3am we decide to leave early but we are not alone. The Metro is shut ! and all taxis full, but luck is

with us as we board a bus we are assured is going our way. Driven by and ex Formula 1 driver with

a death wish we are finally deposited outside the Iate Clube de Rio. All we have to do now is find

the Waterman to take us to the boat.


Bob the Blog.