More adventures by Kenneth

Lars Alfredson
Sun 7 Feb 2016 07:50

In addition to what Darryl told you I want to tell you a few things. First of all the port, i.e. a jetty of about 150 meters was ccupied on one side by a freifhter that had passed it's sell befor date and on the other by a sunk one. On this side the local fishing boats, open
high bow glassfibre things without outriggers lay by the dozens. This is were we squeezed in our dainty dinghy. The longshoremen were helpful in pulling lines to make us some space.

As the boat in the was both rocking and rolling in the high swell we had most of our meals ashore and as I'm a strange food freak I was very happy, well it saved me some work as well but that doesn't count. The local food was both delicious and cheap, wether pork or seafood. I don't get it that you prefer "pizza". Last night we had dinner in a place recommended in ourLonely Planet book and the food was exellent, beefshank on the bone, "Batanes express", i.e. seafood and veggies cooked in coconut milk, salmon steak etc. plus at least 15 beers for less than 50 us!

During our tour around the island we went to an aincent fishing willage atthe Southern tip where the small houses were bamboo tatched with a local grass that keeps the rain out at least 30 years! The guys fish only Mahi Mahi, also known as Dorado, and they do it from small, about three meter rowing boats. The season is from March to May. They still have a sacred ceremony bforthe boats head out. A pig is slughterd and the willage chief cuts out the liver and reads the fortune of the season from the blood. Last year it callex for a good catch but also mutch det! grief. One man was lost and never found!

The road that almost circles the whole islandwas originally built by the Americans, as was a big compoundon in a big bay the Eastern coast. The battrracs had, in addition to an about 2 km curced beach two big outdoor swimminpools! The whole thing is now being convertedinto amuseum. Speaking about museums, one small advise to you who are, like I am 6 feet 4, don't enter a Japaneese tunnel. As Lars said I'm about 1,5 Japaneese tall and now have a nice hole in my hevad to prove it. Ok it's no big deal, our drivner and one of the guides stopped the bleeding ond all is well. After all it could have been somemomre valuable part of the body!


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