Kuching, Malaysia

Lars Alfredson
Fri 17 May 2019 12:58

POS 01:33.52N 110:24.29E
Kuching Marina

We left Pontianak on Tuesday the 14th for a 250 mile passage to Kuching Malaysia.
After a  sail/motor pasage we crossed the border at noon the 15th and hoisted the Malaisian flag.
Arriving a bit early (in pitch darkness) we anchored outside the entrance to Sarawak river. Continuing up the river after daybreak we tied up at Kuching Marina at 10 in the morning.

After an anchor dram of the last alcohol on board (a half bottle of sake left over from Japan) we tackled the authorities. This turned out to be a lot easier than expected. Very nice.

We now headed to town to try and buy SIM cards for our phones. Now we could get transport again. "Grab" is the way to go here.

Our next mission was to the supermarket where we to our pleasure found beer and bad gin. Back on board we had a longed for GT.

In the evening we headid to town for a nice dinner.

Friday  May 17th, Norways national day and "Bededagen" in Denmark.

We went exploring and brought a big bag of washing with us.It took us a long time to find a laundry place where we could leave our dirty clothes and pick them up later.

After some refreshments we "Grabbed" another car and went in search of Pelles antique shop somewhere in the suburbs. Failing this we returned to China town for lunch. We off course ran into an antique shop and had to spend a long time exploring. With the expert Pelle telling us what was genuine and what was fake, we walked away with some small finds.
Lunch/Dinner followed at a local joint in china town.

Tomorrow we are heading out for an expedition to "Long houses" and more.