Three days in Dili

Lars Alfredson
Sat 6 Apr 2019 15:50
We arrived in Dili on Tuesday afternoon. Anchoring outside the marine police station. When we landed with the Dinghy we found a watering hole called Moby's nearby. An Australian bar/restaurant. Nice with a big steak for once. This would be our office for the coming days.

Wedensday morning we were off to do the paperwork. First stop the Port captain. This turned out to be a major hurdle. When asked for the clearance from last port we did not have one. Forgot to go to Port captain in Saumlaki. We had to eat some humble pie before he let us go on to immigration and customs.

Next stop Indonesian embassy to apply for new visas. No such luck, closed for muslim holiday.

Lunch and shopping took the rest of the day. Dinner and wifi at the office.

Thursday. Embassy visit 2 just to be told by the guard that we could not get in dressed in shorts. Back to the boat to change into long trousers.
After lunch, embassy visit 3 just to discover it was closed until 14.00 for lunch. Found an Italian restaurant nearby for refill of fluids.
Visit 4 got us in. We then discovered that Ivan needed a sponsor letter to get a visa. It was ok with his crew letter when he got his first visa at home.
We had now had enough of this and decided to sort it out when we get to Bali.

Visited the museum about the resistance war that killed a quarter of the popolation 1975-2002.
We also found a Portuguese shop that had nice cheese and other delicasies.

Friday saw us back at the customs and immigration to clear out. Then to the Port captain. No problem you just have to pay the fee and you will get your clearance. Off we walked in the hot sunshine to the other end of the port to find the billing department. A man took our paper and said, just a minute. One hour later after lots of phone calls and running around we got new papers to take to the treasury. There 3 girls worked for 20 minutes to hand us a bill for 6 dollars 89 cents!!
The whole thing took almost 2 hours and involved almost 10 people.

We were now free to leave Dili and Timor Leste.