Goose Green photos

Stanley departure 080      Stanley departure 075
                               Vicar of Bray and Dawnbreaker                                         Greeted by Rudolpho          
Falklands 073       Falklands 075
         Biggest Shearing Shed in Falklands                                                              Full action
Falklands 091      Falklands 093
                                      Before                                                                                After
Goose Green 006     Goose Green 014
                           Village Hall                                                                              Kieth and Co in the Club
Falklands 065      Falklands 047
                                                              The most southerly suspension bridge in the world.
Falklands 102      Falklands 111
                             Beware of Kia                                                     and mines
Falklands 049      Falklands 123
                    Mike and Tamara                                                                         Darwin house