New stationary passengers on board

Lars Alfredson
Wed 19 Jan 2011 16:30

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Tuesday the 18/1 2011


We are back to Recife again to the Cabanga Yacht Club to install our four new 200 Amph batteries today.


                         The new passengers


  Not much to report these days.  Normal routine done some shopping, bought some extra lead for our diving

 (the crew has put on some weight) and it has become more difficult to sink lately.


New boats have arrived a the marina.  Welcome late night drinks were held on board Dawnbreaker

as an icebreaker to the new comers consuming cheap spanish brandy from the canary islands well into the morning.

Two french, one brazilian and one from Majjorca.


The latter, with four gentlemen on board after a rough night on shore extended the party on board their

Benetton 50 until early morning fraternising with the local welcome natives, left this morning heading to the West Indies.




The remaining group has decided to join Dawnbreaker on it's quest south exploring the,

unchartered waters of Pernambuco and Alagoas.  Rather surreal a Swedish flag boat leading

The way into Brazilian waters.  The French are loving the idea .... 


We leave tomorrow at high tide to Porto de Galinhas and our friend Torpedinho and his computers

will join us for the next's days.


Last night we organised a integration barbecue among all sailors at this stopover.

Torpedinho brought a fantastic fish, followed by Picanha and Alcatra - two marvellous steak cuts,

tender and tasty.



                         Lovely fish dish                                                                               The grill   



The night was pleasant and good conversation, in a Babel tower sense, mixing all languages.

By midnight the mood was interrupted by a local colleague under strong influence of " Sir Johnnie Walker "

wanting to pick a fight, to attract the attention of Vanessa the only single woman in the group,

by throwing chairs in the swimming pool.  It was the sign to call it for the night and rest before we depart today.



                     Vanessa                                                                          Partytime





Steaks were marvellously executed by " Pezao" (big foot), which has a quite interesting story

to tell after some caipirinhas.  It seems like many years ago - he comes from very low income

family and works at the Cabanga - he bought a brand new couch for his home and one day returned

home earlier to catch his wife cheating with a colleague on his brand new couch

(still being paid by long term instalments ).  With no hesitance he put the sofa and wife out on the street

and set it on fire, wife not included.  He now claims that sofas are for stupid rich people and all he wants

 is a rug in his living room.  All club members constantly tease him about wanting to give him a new couch .....


                              Big foot



That's all folks! We are off to our next exotic places and stories.  Stay online for more.....



Chief editor


Lars Alfredson

Executive Captain and Master of All