at sea 3

Lars Alfredson
Sun 17 Feb 2019 09:19
POS 7:15.00N 150:43.000E

After a nice day in Chuuk with swimming, snorkeling and relaxing we enyojed a pleasurable double Happy hour. Later our chefs Jonas and Naty prepared a nice dinner with the Wahoo we caught on our first day.
Darkness fell and an open boat with five locals approached. They started with asking us: ”What are you doing in our land. You have to leave now” After a somewhat heated discussion they took off with the passning words. ”Watch yourself and don´t sleep tonight”.
In spite of the interruption we enyojed a nice dinner. Later over coffee and whisky we decided to keep a watch overnight and leave the next day.
Armed with Bear spray and a flashlight we took watches all night.
Chuuk lived up to the reputation of being hostile to tourists!