Transportation model in Majuro

Lars Alfredson
Tue 7 Aug 2018 06:15
Taxis are an unique business model in Majuro. This one is decorated and with scent cans. There are about 150 taxis here, mostly owned by chinese and leased to drivers for $25 ~35 per day. The drives run about 100 passengers a day @0.75 a head and drive this single road in DUD more than 50 times a day, earning $75 before fuel. And the AC must be running of course.
There are no buses, bikes and mopeds. In the words of a local, “people are to lazy to ride a bike”. We must have been on at least 40 rides over a month not including K’s airport rides. Minimum wage here is $2,50 and our going up to a $4 ceiling. Incremental by 0.50cts per year worked.
Used cars can be imported and pay 15% tax but can’t have more than 100.000miles driven. So a used BMW would pay about $3000 in taxes (the minimum is $1500) but you rarely see even a Mercedes here. Of course the American embassy staff drive the super voracious US cars.

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